generac 6866 iq2000


Wattage: 1,600 W
Noise: 68 dB
Weight: 46.2 lbs.
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Runtime: 7.7 hours
Dimensions:20 x 12.6 x 16.9 inches
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Generator Review

The iQ2000 6866 from Generac has been described as quiet, convenient, easy to use and powerful; and understandably so.

The guys behind the Generac are so confident with the iQ2000 they’re even pitting it against the Honda EU2000i or Honda EU3000iS, which is a very bold move. But from the looks of things, they’re not wrong.

The Generac 6866 iQ2000 is a portable generator and works especially well when you don’t have access to electricity like tailgating events, backyard parties, camps, picnics and of course, for those inconvenient power outages.

Portable, Quiet and Durable

Three key features that make a portable generator good, in our opinion, is the weight, how quietly it operates and its durability. And the Generac iQ2000 ticks all the boxes for us.

It’s very light – it only weighs less the 50 pounds – which means you can easily carry it around on your own, whether it’s at the campsite or at a party.

It’s quiet, and we don’t simply mean it’s quiet when compared to other generators; the Generac iQ2000 hums, allowing you to be one with nature.

This little powerhouse is durable and is going to last you a good few years. It’s very well priced considering its features, so all in all the Generac offers a lot of value.


The Generac iQ2000 generator packs a lot of power in a compact 46-pound package and provides up to 1600 running watts. At 50% of its load the Generac will run for about 5 and a half hours and at 25% you can expect to get around 7 and a half to 8 hours, which is really good. And that’s using slightly more than a gallon of gas.

Speaking of gas, the chances of running out is small to none because there’s a digital run time display that indicates just how much gas there is. There are also indicators for oil levels and overheating.

Even with its power the generator is very quiet and this is because it uses a different type of alternator to standard generators. Raw power is converted from DC to AC with the help of a digital inverter module and engine speed varies according to the demand; it’s this that reduces the noise levels and puts the Generac in a class of its own.

Ease of use

Even if you’re using a generator for the first time, the iQ2000 is easy to use. Additionally, it comes with some impressive features which aren’t available on any of the other inverter generators in the industry.

What We Like About the Generac iQ2000 6866:

  • It’s quiet, clean and runs with the minimal noise, like a mosquito but not as annoying.
  • It’s easy to use – the interface is simple to use and everything is visible. Also, the engine bit and fuel cap are easy to access and open.
  • It’s portable – It’s easy to pick and carry around, it stores well and the very bright shade of orange means it’s quite hard to lose.

What We Don’t Like About the Generac iQ2000 6866:

  • This isn’t a deal-breaker, but we felt it’s worth mentioning; the Generac iQ2000 is powerful and can handle things like refrigerators and air conditioners. However, be aware that it won’t be able to power all your large appliances at once – rather decide on one large item or stick to smaller items.

What Makes It Great

The Powerdial:  There is one dial that integrates the start, run and stop functions. As much as it might not sound very impressive anyone who’s ever had to fumble around in the dark to get a generator up and running knows this is an invaluable feature

It’s Parallel Ready:  Cleverly the Generac is parallel ready, which means you can connect two iQ2000 generators to get twice the power you need.

Three Operating Modes:  You can select the mode you’d like to use – Turbo, Standard or Economy. These options reduce fuel consumption and noise levels.


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