honda eu2000i


Wattage: 1400
Noise: 43 dB
Weight: 53 lb
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Runtime: 7 hours
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator Review

What type of generator is the best? You’d think this was a simple enough question. Even an expert can get stumped. Consumers often want an either-or answer when shopping for any item. But it’s difficult to always give such answers.

So, let’s keep it simple.

There is a variety of brands out there to weed through. Fortunately, there are only two types of generators―conventional generators and the newer inverters.

When you are looking for an electric generator, there are two main things to be clear about. First, you need to clearly know what you’re going to use the generator for. Second, you need to be clear on what your budget is.

Conventional generators are quite heavy and come with metal frames and wheels. They are not as small and portable as their inverter counterparts. Conventional generators can accommodate a large fuel tank and long run times. Don’t let this fool you. Inverter generators give superior fuel efficiency.

Inverters make better use of the fuel they carry. Their run time stretches over an 8 to 10-hour period. It’s clear that these newer designs are competitive on every level.

An inverter generator is no less reliable because it is smaller and easier to store. In fact, the best inverter generator made today is the Honda EU2000I. This model is quiet and dependable. Perhaps one of the biggest selling points is that this “pure-sine wave” generator gives outstanding performance when running computers and other sensitive electronics.

Powerful and Flexible

Many owners of the EU2000I boast about the generator’s Eco setting. During power outages, the generator produces plenty of energy.  It can run a refrigerator, compact fluorescent lights, and a large flat-screen TV. Enough power for a house at a cost of about $0.20 an hour is hard to beat.

Honda EU2000I inverter generators can be linked. When two units are paralleled, users double the power capacity. Conventional generators do not offer this option.

Thanks to Honda’s inverter technology, the EU2000I is quiet and powerful. Weighing in at under 46 pounds, this generator is lightweight and portable. With a decibel level at 59 dB(A), it’s quieter than background music, a normal conversation, and your neighbors.

The available accessories make this generator even harder to pass up. There are parallel cable kits, a handy cart, and even a Skin-It Kit to give your Honda Generator a little more personality. The storage cover is light weight but heavy duty. And for extra security, there is an available anti-theft bracket.

Avoid High Octane Gasoline

There has been some issue with this generator’s performance and it seems to relate to fuel. Problems are sometimes caused by using high octane gasoline. This fuel vaporizes and burns slower than regular fuel with a lower octane rating. One good suggestion is to run a hotter spark plug, too. This may improve engine performance at high altitudes. Using a quick spritz of starting fluid on the air filter is effective.

One important detail about performance that every consumer ought to consider is that the Honda EU2000I runs clean. In any environment. This little dynamo is CARB compliant. Coming from Honda, it’s efficiency and emissions are part of the pedigree.

What We Like About the Honda EU2000I:

  • Powerful 98.5 cc engine that can provide a maximum, consistent output of 2000W for at least 35 minutes. Other cheaper models claim the same maximum power output, but can only sustain it for a few minutes or less.
  • Despite having a big engine, the it runs quiet at only about 59 dB. You can keep it running all night without making up the neighbours.

What We Don’t Like About the Honda EU2000I:

  • A bit expensive, considering there are much cheaper – albeit less reliable – models out there.

There’s not much to dislike about the this model. It does its job very well and does it reliably.


The Honda EU2000I is the ultimate source of portable power, providing clean, stable energy for a variety of applications and needs. It features the latest in inverter technology and offering the quality, service and reliability you’ve come to expect from Honda. And remember, this unit comes with a great 3-year warranty.

If you want the best generator and don’t mind shelling out a bit more money for it, the Honda EU2000I is the perfect choice.


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