wen 56200i


Wattage: 1,600 Watts
Noise: 51 dB
Weight: 48 lbs.
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Runtime: 6 hours
Dimensions:18 x 11 x 18 inches
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

WEN 56200i Generator Review

The WEN 56200i Generator produces clean energy consistently with minimal noise and voltage spikes.

If you’re in the market for an affordable inverter generator, then you might want to look at the WEN 56200i.

We like the fact that there are more manufacturers of smaller, portable inverter generators: it means prices become competitive, new technology is brought in and features are added.

The WEN easily rivals generators that are far more expensive, in fact one happy customer suggested that it could easily compete with the Yamaha EF2000is, a generator that is almost double the price. And someone else mentioned that the WEN is very similar to the EF2000is, which we find very interesting.

The WEN 56200i generator is very capable of providing clean energy quietly and steadily – we’ve never noticed any voltage spikes despite using it for long durations. It generates 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts and operates as quietly as an air conditioner. In fact, some users of the WEN have said it isn’t very much louder than the average speaking volume in a normal conversation. This means it’s perfect for any social get-together, camping, backyard party, tailgating, during a power outage and even while hunting.

This generator is specifically made to imitate a pure sine wave, confining total harmonic distortion to below 0.3% at zero load and below 1.2% at full load. While this all sounds very technical all it means is that it’s safe to power even the most fragile of electronics including tablets, laptops and cell phones, without fear of them overcharging.

Fuel Efficiency

The WEN 56200i is incredibly fuel efficient, with one gallon of gas lasting about 4 hours, at full capacity. The generator has been designed that the lower your power consumption, the longer the running time.

We also like that is has an Electronic Speed Control throttle, a nifty ‘green’ feature that boosts the fuel and extends the running time.


The generator weighs a very light 48 pounds and it has a convenient handle that makes it even more portable. Even if you’re on your own, you can carry it around with no problem at all.

What We Like About the WEN 56200i:

  • It provides clean energy; if you’re looking for a generator that doesn’t spike and drop, then this is the generator for you.
  • Can maximize fuel consumption; the Electronic Speed Control Throttle allows the generator to adjust the amount of fuel it uses.
  • Safe for fragile electronics; laptops and cell phones can be safely charged because there are no spikes or drops.

What We Don’t Like About the WEN 56200i:

  • Badly designed oil container; we felt that given the attention to detail with everything else on the generator, the design of the oil container was overlooked. It’s not easy to fill and because it’s a pretty important component, we feel that it needs to be redesigned in the next iteration.
  • It’s not 2000W; there are a few reports that it shouldn’t be marketed as 2000W, it’s closer to 1200W.
  • Inaccurate manual; the more thorough customers felt some important information was missing from the manual, which would help people understand how the WEN 56200i works and be able to use it more effectively

What Makes It Great

The WEN Eco-Mode:  The Eco-Mode maximizes Maximize fuel costs by allowing the motor to automatically adjust to the fuel consumption.

It Can Be Parallel Connected:  If you’re needing more than 2000 watts then you can connect two generators with the WEN 56421 Connection Kit.

EPA and CARB Compliant:  This is a great feature. The fact that it’s CARB and EPA compliant means it can be used for camping anywhere in the world

Where the WEN might lack (and it doesn’t really), it more than makes up for it with its two-year warranty, and the excellent customer and after sales service.


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